Meet Our Stylists

Our team is a collective of female entrepreneurs committed to education, individualized style, and integrity.




Tracy has worked and trained in multiple cities over the past 17 years but has preferred working and raising her daughters here in her home state.  She loves balayage, jewel tones or a good color correction, Her favorite cuts are Pixies, pompadours, "french bobs",  long flowing layers, or texured shags. She loves edgy cuts and/or classic-timeless looks. She wants women to feel comfortable and beautiful. When not in the salon you will find her in a ballet class, farmers market, or antique shopping. If she wasn't a hairstylist, she'd be in France restoring an old chateaux.




Elizabeth has been a successful stylist for more than 11 years. Her favorite thing about being a stylist is that it gives her the ability to help people look they way they want to feel. She believes hair has immense character, and that it wants to come out and shine. Elizabeth loves when her clients strive to express themselves through their hairstyles and is honored to be part of their transformation.




Becky's artistry is in movement. As a yogi, runner, and world explorer, she works with her clients to embrace the concept of 'lived-in hair' that can be taken from the trail, to dinner, and anywhere in-between. Trained by industry experts on dry-cutting and highlighting techniques, she's known for embracing natural texture while inviting movement and dimension into a style that can be recreated  with minimal fuss and effortless glamour. 

In addition to offering a relaxing experience, Becky strives to ensure every client leaves feeling pampered and confident to recreate their unique style at home.